more than freelance development.

At HamilTEK Solutions, we are proud to offer our clients much more than our software development expertise. The role of our developers was never to strictly write code, as is commonly the case with freelance development. We also provide our clients with the business expertise needed to do a proper analysis and bridge the critical gap between IT and those using the software on a daily basis. Our extensive understanding of business is what allows us to quickly understand your requirements and propose a custom solution that fits your business needs.

We also believe that being transparent with our clients results in the best possible experience and project outcome. Unfortunately, many of our clients have had very poor experiences with freelance development. Poor project management, inaccurate estimates, slow response times, and low-quality development tools are all common issues they have reported. That will not be the case with us! Our clients are comforted by the fact that we are 100% US-based development, and we utilize the highest quality development tools available. Additionally, our design and development process is very interactive and keeps our clients in the loop throughout the entire project. Our responsiveness from day one and continued customer service is first-rate and sure to set us apart as well.

Our Commitment.

“Our commitment to you is a different experience and a successful project. We will be working with you every step of the way to ensure you have the best custom solution to promote business growth and meet your business goals.”

Get Solutions.

Custom software that drives growth.