Energy Efficiency & LED Replacement.

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“Working with HamilTEK Solutions was a pleasure to say the least. They streamlined our process creating efficiency and accuracy. We used to create savings analysis, invoices, work orders, and proposals separately. HamilTEK Solutions created a customized app that encompasses everything to suit all of our needs. This was one of the best business decisions I’ve ever made. I highly recommend HamilTEK Solutions!”

James Rosan, Owner


  • Manual process for tracking customers, maintaining bulb catalogs, calculating energy savings, and estimating power company rebates using Microsoft Excel

  • Manual process of generating invoices, work orders, and proposals using Microsoft Word

  • A need for controls to avoid costly mistakes in a manual process

  • A need to control access to sensitive operational data

  • A need for a scalable solution

Custom Business Software Client


HamilTEK Solutions worked closely with Hercules LED to develop a custom software solution. Through the use of XAF and our ability to quickly learn and understand the Energy Efficiency and LED Replacement industry, we developed a full-scale Web and Mobile solution to replace their previous manual process. Our custom solution is now used for the following critical business tasks:

  • Customer Maintenance and Tracking

  • Pre and Post Bulb Catalog Maintenance

  • Power Company Rebate Maintenance

  • Energy Efficiency and Rebate Calculations

  • Job Submission and Approval

  • Invoice and Proposal Generation

  • Ordering and Inventory Adjustments

With our custom solution, Hercules LED was able to eliminate costly manual mistakes, improve infrastructure, streamline processes, and delegate sensitive operational tasks which allowed for rapid company growth and an increase in sales and profitability.




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Contact Us.

HamilTEK Solutions

Columbus, OH

Maumee, OH

(800) 499-3561